Proper documentation can help you during custody cases

| Jul 28, 2016 | Uncategorized

Getting a divorce can be a long, involved and emotionally draining process. There may be many incidents and conversations that happen along the way that could make a difference in your case. However, it’s very hard to remember these details accurately if you don’t get in the habit of keeping thorough documentation records.

The first thing to decide will be how you will keep your records. Some people prefer traditional pen and paper and will keep a spiral notebook or legal pad with them at all times to jot things down as — or just after — they happen. Another option is to use an electronic form of documentation, ranging from apps that are specially designed for this purpose to writing notes in Google Docs or another cloud-based platform. Others prefer a combination of the two.

Once you have decided how you will keep your notes, the next thing is to ensure that you remember to write things down. Setting a reminder on your phone to go off after custody exchanges or taking notes during phone conversations can help. At a bare minimum, you’ll want to note when and where the incident took place, who was involved and what was said.

When keeping documentation, remember to write down the positive along with the negative for a more accurate record. A complete record can help your divorce case in a number of ways. It ensures that your attorney has a solid understanding of the dynamics of the situation and is aware of anything that needs to be addressed in court. It can also provide a timeline for the courts.

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