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Various factors can affect child custody and visitation

Child custody and visitation matters are very serious matters because they shape how the child in question will be raised. When it comes to awarding primary custody, there are many factors that the court might consider. Generally, the points that are considered are those that are going to affect the child's best interests. We know that you might have some questions or concerns about what the court will consider. We can help you to evaluate what factors will affect your child custody case.

The child's relationship with each parent is one of the factors that can be considered. One factor that can't be considered in these cases is the financial situation of each parent. Another factor that can't be considered is each parent's condition. We can help you learn about each of these points and how they apply to your case.

There are several different issues that can be addressed by a child custody order. The order will usually include which parent has primary custody. It can also include how child raising responsibilities will be divided by parents. Child support, visitation, special parenting time schedules and any other issues that might specifically apply to the case can also be included.

We know that you might be curious about what must be included in your child custody order. We can help you to determine the points that you should seek to have included in your child custody order. Once we know the issues that must be addressed, we can help you learn about the possible options you have and then move forward with getting them taken care of.

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