Ryan Sweeting only getting $165,000 in divorce from Kaley Cuoco

| May 13, 2016 | Uncategorized

A prenuptial agreement between Ryan Sweeting and Kaley Cuoco means that the former tennis star will only receive $165,000 from the “Big Bang Theory” star. It’s taken over seven months for the couple’s divorce to be finalized. The couple wed in 2013 and announced they were separating last September.

Cuoco signed a contract for $72 million for the “Big Bang Theory” just a few months after the couple was married. All of that money is hers, according to court documents. In addition, she is to receive their beach home in the Santa Barbara area and their home in Los Angeles.

Cuoco is to transfer $165,000 to Sweeting in two payments. He is responsible for paying the $195,000 in fees for his personal trainers, as well as possibly $55,000 in fees for his attorneys. The gift certificates and cash that Sweeting has are his to keep.

This shows just how important a prenuptial agreement can be in the event of a divorce. While most people are not dealing with the kind of money that Cuoco has, these agreements help protect both parties — when they are drafted fairly — and can help protect assets for children from previous relationships.

It is important that both parties have their own attorneys review the document before it is signed. This will not only help ensure it is fair, but also that it will stand up to the scrutiny of the court if a divorce should occur. An experienced attorney can provide you with more information about prenuptial and post-nuptial agreements as well as the pros and cons to both.

Source: Us Magazine, “Kaley Cuoco Finalizes Divorce From Ryan Sweeting, Will Pay Him Lump Sum of $165,000: Details,” Megan French, May 09, 2016

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