Medical expenses are often in addition to child support

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Child support is mean to cover financial support for a child when that child lives primarily with another parent. Child support can even be required if a child lives half the time with one parent and half the time with another, depending on the financial situation of the parents and what the court orders say. But child support does not necessarily cover medical expenses.

Most of the time, uncovered medical expenses are considered above and beyond the daily expenses associated with caring for a child. For this reason, one parent might be able to seek coverage of such expenses from the other parent. How the expenses are managed often depends on the specifics of the divorce. Some parents might split the expenses, for example.

These expenses occur when a child is treated medically and insurance doesn’t cover all of the expenses or there is no insurance coverage. Such expenses could come in the form of deductibles or coinsurance. Depending on your divorce and child support orders and the jurisdiction you are in, you might have to present proof of the expenses to the other parent for reimbursement. Proof might come in the form of a receipt or a bill from the provider.

If you are going through the divorce process and have children, then medical expenses are something you should consider. You might also want to include information about how medical insurance will be provided for your children and who will be responsible for doing so. Working with a family law attorney in Ocala can help ensure you cover all the important details during a divorce.

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