Florida State football coach Jimbo Fisher gets divorced

| Jan 8, 2016 | Uncategorized

Jimbo Fisher, head football coach with the Florida State Seminoles, has officially gotten divorced from his wife Candi. Their divorce had been in the works for some time, but it was recently finalized.

Fisher, who is 50 years old, was the one who asked for the divorce. He apparently put in the filing back in July of this year. The two had split up before that, in May, but had not started the official process for a few months.

According to the filing, there was no way that a reconciliation was going to happen. The couple had been together for 22 years, and they had a pair of children.

Interestingly, one thing that sped the case along was that Fisher asked to bring Taylor Jacobs into the courtroom to question him. Jacobs used to be a star at the University of Florida, and he went on to spend half a decade in the NFL. He is from Tallahassee. Fisher’s camp apparently wanted to ask Jacobs whether or not he and Candi had been involved in a relationship. That request increased the speed of the case, though, so he was never asked.

Fisher has had a lot of recent success on the field, leading FSU to a national title two years ago. He also coached Heisman Trophy winner and eventual No. 1 overall draft pick Jameis Winston.

As such, Fisher is being paid around $5 million dollars next year to coach the Seminoles.

Those who are involved in high-asset divorces need to know all of their legal options, as splitting up such wealth can be complicated.

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