Are you keeping your ex’s last name after divorce?

| Jan 29, 2016 | Uncategorized

For women, deciding whether to keep their ex-husband’s last name after a divorce is difficult. In many instances, the woman has hyphenated her maiden name with her married name; however, it is becoming increasing popular for women to keep their maiden name after marriage.

A Google consumer survey that was done by The Upshot found that women who are in the higher-income brackets and who live in urban areas are more likely to keep their maiden names. Some women who have established careers say it would be too difficult to change their social media identity or their professional identity.

Many women keep their ex’s name because the children have that last name. It’s less confusing both for the children and for institutions, such as schools and doctor’s officers. One woman said, “A name is just letters — it doesn’t define me.” She elected to keep her married name, saying it seemed like a whole lot of work to change it. Another woman said that she changed back to her maiden name because, “It wasn’t my name, it wasn’t my family, it is his.”

Changing your name or not changing your name is a personal decision. At the law office of Kathy D. Sheive, Attorney at Law, we can help you change your name by putting it into the divorce settlement. However, if you decide to keep your married name and then want to change it later on, we can help you do that, as well.

Don’t feel that something is too small to talk about with us about your divorce. We will listen and provide advice based upon your needs. To learn more about divorce, please take a look at our webpages on the subject.

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