GoPro provides video evidence of alleged domestic violence

| Oct 8, 2015 | Uncategorized

A Florida soldier in the U.S. Army Rangers is making national news after he used a GoPro camera to provide authorities with video evidence that his wife had assaulted him during a custody exchange. The couple have two 2-year-old boys, and the incident reportedly occurred when the mother was at the father’s house to pick up the children.

The video appears to show the father reaching into the car to get one of the boys out of his car seat before he suddenly yells and leans back out of the car. Slowing down the footage allegedly reveals that the man’s wife had assaulted his genitals. The audio during the incident was also recorded, and the woman can be heard telling the man that she would tell the police that he had been the aggressor.

However, when the man turned over the video footage, shot from a GoPro camera clipped to his belt, the man’s wife was arrested and booked into jail on charges of domestic violence. The man told the media he began recording the exchanges after numerous issues in previous meetings, including allegations that the woman used a Taser on him.

The couple have reportedly been in the middle of a heated divorce and custody battle over their sons, and these new charges and video evidence could have an effect on the custody issues. However, this incident has also served to help raise awareness of male victims of domestic abuse, who are often not believed by authorities and can encounter many difficulties trying to seek help and get away from their abusers.

Source: BABW News, “GoPro footage helps US Army Ranger bust his allegedly abusive wife [VIDEO],” Dan Taylor, Sep. 23, 2015

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