What you need to know about moving after divorce

| Aug 20, 2015 | Uncategorized

If you’re planning to move after your divorce, whether it’s immediately after the final paperwork is signed or years down the road, it’s important to understand what the Florida laws have to say about it. If your divorce involves children, you are subject to the guidelines governing what happens if a parent intends to move a child a significant distance away from his or her current address. This is true even if you have sole custody.

While the legal process is often referred to as parent relocation, it is the children that are the court’s focus. For most child custody orders in Florida, the parent must seek court approval if he or she is planning to move more than 50 miles. This is true even if the noncustodial parent agrees to the relocation. The purpose of requiring the court’s approval is to ensure that the relocation does not impact any court-ordered visitation or the child’s access to and relationship with the other parent.

If the noncustodial parent agrees to the relocation and there is some kind of plan for visitation, be it spending summers with the child or taking advantage of virtual visitation options, the courts are likely to approve the relocation request and officially approve the parents’ proposal. If your ex is objecting to the relocation or you are at odds on a modified visitation schedule, it can be more challenging.

We understand that life sometimes requires you to change jobs, homes or even cities, and our firm is prepared to help you navigate a parent relocation request in the Florida courts.

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