Divorce records sealed for famous couple

| Aug 7, 2015 | Uncategorized

Getting a divorce when there are few assets can be simple. However, getting a high asset divorce, which is usually also in the media, can be excruciating, especially in Florida. Having all your court sessions reported in the daily news is not pleasant. However, the divorce records can be sealed.

A former state representative for Oklahoma said that there is something fishy going on due to the fact that the divorce records of Blake Shelton and Miranda Lambert were sealed from view. This person said that the judge broke the law when he sealed the documents recently. But state law requires that records of divorce, civil and other cases can be sealed from public view if privacy issues outweigh public interest.

Last week, the judge sealed these documents from public review. He states that if the case were open for public view, it would compromise in a big way the personal and financial privacy of the couple involved. He further stated that because they are entertainers and not guardians of the public trust in any way, it should be fine that the records were sealed.

The representative, who wrote the law that went into effect in 2014, was not happy. He said that wasn’t the intent of the law. He said that the law was to prevent cronyism and to prevent judges from arbitrarily sealing files for their friends, which is what appears to have happened in this case. He said that the average citizen cannot expect this treatment, and it is a shame that celebrities are above the law of the common man.

If you are facing a high asset divorce, you can only hope to get this type of treatment. It may come in useful to know this happened so that your attorney can inform the judge that the documents were sealed for this couple … why not yours?

Source: Taste of Country, “Blake Shelton, Miranda Lambert Divorce Records Sealed,” Billy Dukes, July 27, 2015

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