Avoiding custody issues when traveling with children

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Co-parenting for Osceola County couples takes regular communication and cooperation. Those aren’t the easiest tasks to accomplish after a divorce, especially when hard feelings about the marriage linger. Florida parents can have difficulties coming to and sticking with child custody agreements.

Whether they are designed by parents or ordered by a family court judge, custody agreements are enforceable. You can invite legal troubles by violating a custody agreement on purpose or even accidentally. With that in mind, divorced parents planning to head out on vacation with children should review the terms of the agreement for travel restrictions.

Your ex-spouse’s permission to travel with the kids may be needed when making a long-distance domestic trip and especially for travel outside U.S. borders. No parent wants to face criminal charges for international abduction because an ex was not informed fully about a vacation abroad.

It might be helpful to put yourself in the shoes of a former spouse when it comes to these matters. Wouldn’t you feel anxious if an ex failed to tell you about booking a trip abroad with the children until a week before the flight? Provide the courtesy of giving the other parent sufficient time to consent to the trip.

Custody agreements may spell out how many days in advance a parent must know about vacation plans and the conditions under which children can travel. Provide a detailed itinerary for the other parent and encourage parent-child contact while on vacation – texts, photos, calls and even video visitations can be arranged.

In addition, make sure you have travel documents in order, particularly when your last name differs from the children’s names. Be prepared to produce an ex’s consent form or a custody agreement in case of a security check.

Attorneys can help divorcing spouses negotiate child vacation terms for a custody agreement and settle disputes, with or without a court’s help, over travel issues.

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