Why getting past emotions in divorce is important

| Apr 12, 2015 | Uncategorized

Divorce is commonly one of those life experiences that no one really wants to have. It is akin to having a root canal, getting fired from a job or even experiencing the death of a loved one. But with most adverse experiences in life, it is how you recover from them that often defines who you are.

This notion is important not only for getting over the emotional trauma that comes with the end of a relationship, but also for avoiding the obscene costs of getting divorced. It is no secret that the anger and blame that comes with a broken marriage can cause people to dig in their heels and demand that they have their way in the divorce. 

Some people feel justified in their position because they were betrayed and believe that they are entitled to some type of restitution. Others believe that revenge is the best remedy, and that the offending spouse should have thought twice before being unfaithful. Whatever is the source of your anger, it is important to work towards putting it aside; especially if there are children involved.

If you feel like moving past your anger is impossible, consider this: the average cost of a full-fledged divorce can be more than $20,000. If you want to put that money elsewhere where it can grow, consider an emotional investment into compromising. You may not be able to see the benefits immediately, but 2-3 years after your divorce, you will likely be impressed with your savings, as well as your happiness.

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