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April 2015 Archives

Basics of equitable relief

In a prior post, we talked about how financial infidelity can ruin a relationship and how to notice signs of it in your own marriage. We would like our readers to know that the issues behind financial infidelity do not end with emotional consequences. It can have significant legal implications as well.

Why getting past emotions in divorce is important

Divorce is commonly one of those life experiences that no one really wants to have. It is akin to having a root canal, getting fired from a job or even experiencing the death of a loved one. But with most adverse experiences in life, it is how you recover from them that often defines who you are.

How to avoid parenting time in the future

If you are preparing for spring break, or just finishing with the break, hopefully you had an opportunity to spend some time with your kids; either by taking a vacation or even having fun with a staycation. If you are a divorced or separated parent and did not have this opportunity, we understand how frustrated you may be. After all, you are a parent too, and you know the kids love spending time with you just like the other parent.

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