Should you be concerned about financial infidelity?

| Mar 8, 2015 | Uncategorized

Discovering an affair has to be the worst feeling in the world. Not only did the person who cheated completely disregard their marital vows, they lacked the basic respect needed to make a marriage work. But physical infidelity is not the only thing that leads to divorce. Emotional cheating is also problematic. Even more troubling is financial infidelity, because of the monetary toll it can take and the future problems it can create.

But for many people, it is difficult to detect financial infidelity. Moreover, they may not realize that misuse or dissipation of marital property could affect the distribution of the marital estate. With that said, this post will identify a few telltale signs of financial infidelity. 

Unexplained financial problems – Indeed, it is normal for married couples to experience financial difficulties. A job loss or a major injury could lead to this. But when money problems occur in times of prosperity, it could be a result of financial infidelity.

Bank and credit card statements go missing – You may not be as concerned about reviewing your bank or credit card statements every month, but a person committing financial infidelity may be. If these statements suddenly come up missing, chances are that your spouse may not want you to see some inappropriate expenses that could identify cheating.

Financial misdirection – As we mentioned earlier, if money problems come about because of unrestrained spending, a cheating spouse may try to change the subject and blame your spending for the financial difficulties in an attempt to take the focus off of their own misdeeds. 

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