How social media can ruin your chances of gaining custody

| Mar 27, 2015 | Uncategorized

For as much as social media is used in everyday life, it is easy to realize how useful it can be in sharing one’s life with masses of people. For all the good it can bring, social media can certainly cause problems in the midst of a custody battle. Unfortunately, many people in the midst of testy custody battles, the use of social media may not be helpful. 

Essentially, the emotions that come out during these matters may end up being fodder for family court judges to consider in making a decision. Moreover, the things said or posted before a custody battle begins can be just as damaging. As such, the rule of thumb for people in the process of establishing custody rights should avoid social media.

Why can social media be so dangerous? This post will explain why.  

First and foremost, people embroiled in custody disputes should know that statements and pictures posted on social media are public record. This means that they can be discoverable pieces of information that can be used in court.

No problem, you may say; I’ll just take down my page or delete my statements. Nice try. A vindictive ex with a with an average grade hacker can find your page even after it has been taken down. So a  deleted page may not always disappear for good.

Also, pictures and posts on social media may contradict what you may have previously testified to. Those Vines you posted or Instagram photos taken and distributed in the heat of the moment may come back to haunt you if they are different than what you have described in court. 

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