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March 2015 Archives

How social media can ruin your chances of gaining custody

For as much as social media is used in everyday life, it is easy to realize how useful it can be in sharing one’s life with masses of people. For all the good it can bring, social media can certainly cause problems in the midst of a custody battle. Unfortunately, many people in the midst of testy custody battles, the use of social media may not be helpful. 

Will I be able to claim the Child Tax Credit?

The federal income tax filing deadline is just under three weeks away. For procrastinators, this may seem like plenty of time. After all, doing things at the last minute is the nature of what procrastinators deal with. However, when you are recently divorced (or planning to be divorced) there may be additional financial issues that you may have to deal with. In our next few posts, we will explore some of those issues. But for now, this post will deal with questions surrounding the Child Tax Credit.

Will a court get involved in your parenting time dispute?

Dealing with a difficult co-parent is hard; that much is a given. So going to court to have your rights established or to formalize a parenting time schedule is supposed to make co-parenting with a difficult person easier, right? Not always. Your ex can still make your life miserable by trying to manipulate the kids, be petty about exchanges and times, and disobey the order if they feel the judge won’t hold them in contempt. If this is your experience,  you may want the court to do something.

Should you be concerned about financial infidelity?

Discovering an affair has to be the worst feeling in the world. Not only did the person who cheated completely disregard their marital vows, they lacked the basic respect needed to make a marriage work. But physical infidelity is not the only thing that leads to divorce. Emotional cheating is also problematic. Even more troubling is financial infidelity, because of the monetary toll it can take and the future problems it can create.

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