What to know when preparing for an initial consult

| Feb 18, 2015 | Uncategorized

For many people in troubled marriages, Valentine’s Day is a tipping point of sorts. If it goes well, then chances are that you are willing to give the marriage more time and energy so that you can move past your difficulties. If it goes south, then you have more than enough evidence to show that your marriage is over. With that, you are going to look for an attorney to help you through a divorce.  

 This post will highlight a few things you should do to prepare for an initial meeting with a divorce attorney

Do your homework – It is worth taking some time to research attorneys to see who you may feel comfortable working with. Indeed, most attorneys advertise the same things (e.g. experience, personal service, favorable rates), but there should be something about the person you choose where you have a certain level of trust and confidence.

Manage your emotions – Remember that an initial consultation is not a therapy session. Indeed, it is okay to be emotional. After all, the end of a marriage is an emotional experience, but the attorney will be interested in your circumstances so that he or she can assess your legal options.

Not every question has a definite answer – Also, the initial consult is an opportunity to learn about your rights and options. At this time, not every question you may have may be answered. This is because that there may be additional information that may be obtained over the course of representation that can answer those questions. So do not get discouraged if every question is not answered. 

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