What to know when introducing a new love interest to the kids

| Feb 26, 2015 | Firm News

If you thought your custody (or parenting time) battle with your ex is tough, the notion of introducing a new significant other to your children may pale in comparison. The feeling of having another person (who may be a relative stranger) around your kids may set you on fire (or make you want to set the other person on fire) but it is inevitable that your ex may continue their romantic life with someone else.

But what really matters is what the kids think. With that said, this post offers some helpful tips to make things easier when a new love gets serious. 

Go ahead and tell the ex first – Indeed, the ex may not like that you have moved on, but depending on the circumstances, telling them first could reduce the pressure on the kids. Imagine the pressure on kids to keep a secret, or how bad they may feel if they inadvertently disclose your new relationship when they should not have.

Have the kids meet the new person in their own space – Essentially, the kids should not be forced into meeting the new person. So a play date at the park where the kids can roam and meet the new person at their own pace, or at a pizza place is a good idea.

It’s okay to wait – It is a good idea to wait to your relationship matures before introducing a love interest to the kids. Introducing multiple “friends” to kids could be confusing to them and create more tension between you and your ex. 


The preceding is not legal advice. 

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