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Prenuptials are important, but so are united financial goals

Marital finances are one aspect of getting married that you should discuss before the big day. Some people opt to use a prenuptial agreement to get the finances sorted out, but even if you haven't gone that route, you can still try to protect the finances.

Make sure you prenuptial agreement protects you

We recently discussed what happens when you need a prenuptial agreement. These agreements provide a layer of protection for you and your betrothed. Before you say "I do," you should have an agreement in place if you want to use a prenuptial. Make sure that you give yourself and your betrothed ample time to review the agreement terms and learn about what changes might need to be made.

Know what to do when you need a prenuptial agreement

Prenuptial agreements are something that can help keep you protected if something causes your marriage to end. While your ultimate goal for a prenuptial agreement is to protect yourself, you have to ensure that your prenuptial agreement is valid.

Know how to customize a prenuptial agreement for your situation

Prenuptial agreements are very important in almost every marriage. We recently discussed what you can and can't include in these agreements. For example, you can't include child support in a prenuptial agreement because there is a chance that it won't meet current guidelines.

Prenuptial agreements serve to protect your future

If you are getting married, you might wonder if you need to get your spouse-to-be to sign a prenuptial agreement. Once you get past the fact that this agreement makes you think about divorce before you ever say "I do," you can quickly see why the prenuptial agreement can help you.

Prenuptial agreements have specific pros and cons

Prenuptial agreements are important matters for people who have considerable assets coming into a marriage; however, that isn't the limit of what these agreements are suitable for. A prenuptial agreement can help you to protect an inheritance you expect to get. It can also help you to set the tone for how finances will be handled during the marriage.

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