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How do I transfer my timeshare to my trust or family member?

Your timeshare can be passed on to a family member after your death. It does depend on the exact contract you sign, but many include clauses that say the payments will be made in perpetuity. Generally speaking, this means the timeshare is part of the estate when you pass away, just like your home or your bank account. Ownership doesn't revert to the resort just because you've passed away.

Do I need an attorney to transfer a timeshare deed?

Couples who find themselves frequently vacationing often enter into timeshare agreements as a way to ensure that they'll have a place to stay when away from home. When couples divorce, though, timeshares are one of many assets that get split up with other property that you share.

4 tricky ways people hide their assets

Hiding assets during divorce can be as simple as withdrawing money and stashing it away in a safety deposit box, but bank records would make that very easy to track down. Even if the money couldn't be located, it'd be clear that it was taken out and never seen again. As such, some people have resorted to more advanced methods to hide their wealth.

Don't fall for divorce myths that can negatively impact you

There are many different assumptions that people make about getting a divorce. While some of the assumptions that are made are valid, there are some that are pure myths. Nobody going through a divorce should believe in the myths.

Prepare for divorce when you know the marriage is ending

We recently discussed the criteria for a divorce in Florida. If you know that your marriage is over, this is only one of the considerations that you have to think about when you are ready to file. When you have the ability to do so, you should ensure that you take appropriate steps to protect your interests before the filing.

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