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What many children of divorce want to say to their parents

Divorce is a painful and emotional process even when both spouses know that it is the best decision for the family. In many cases, adults find a way to cope with being a single parent. For children, it can be much more difficult to cope, especially if the parents continue engaging in negative post-divorce behaviors.

Can postnuptial agreements save couples from divorce?

While no one ever enters a marriage expecting it to end in divorce, it happens all too often. Because most people do not anticipate divorce, they fail to plan for such an outcome unless they have signed a prenuptial agreement. Most couples of moderate means pass on getting a prenup.

Adultery and divorce in Florida

As a nation, we all must face the fact that people cheat on one another in a relationship far too often. If a couple is unmarried, it is often easier to make a clean split when adultery breaks the relationship irreparably. However, when a couple is married, cheating may complicate the relationship as well as the divorce.

This is what divorce judges might tell you if they could

Wouldn't it be wonderful if you were able to have a counseling session with the judge presiding over your divorce? You might be able to find out some tips for achieving the outcome you desire in your case. Unfortunately, this is not possible because your judge is an objective party in all divorces. Speaking so candidly with either spouse would be unethical and wrong.

Situations in which annulment is an option in Florida

Those who are contemplating the end of a marriage understand that divorce is the most common option. Divorce ends the marriage in the eyes of the law, leaving both spouses free to embark on a new chapter of their lives. What many Florida residents may not know is that a marriage annulment may also be an option, although it is much less common than divorce.

In what circumstances are mental illnesses an issue in divorce?

A marriage is often a complex relationship. Many issues affect whether a marriage is successful or whether it is destined for divorce court. Some of these issues include financial instability, infidelity and differing religious beliefs. Another issue that may affect the success of marriage is mental illness.

How does simplified marriage dissolution differ from divorce?

To couples preparing for a divorce, the concept of simplifying the process sounds like a dream come true. In Florida, divorce is called dissolution of marriage, but the addition of one word — simplified — can make a huge difference. While a simplified dissolution of marriage is a real possibility for some couples in Florida, it is not a feasible alternative for everyone.

When is supervised visitation ordered in a custody case?

In most cases, a judge will want to give both parents every opportunity possible to spend quality time with their kids. In instances in which a parent has been known to have a substance abuse problem or has been accused of abuse or domestic violence, though, a judge may deem it to be in the child's best interest for him or her to be supervised during visitation.

Can a prenuptial agreement be invalidated?

Many people may read the question posed in our title and immediately think that it is impossible to invalidate a prenuptial agreement. This is because it has been ingrained, over many years, that prenups are rock-solid contracts that can't be challenged or changed. However, this is a myth. There are legitimate reasons why someone may challenge a prenup, and those reasons could lead to part or all of the prenup being invalidated.

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