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Visitation and child support are totally different matters

Parents usually want to take care of their children and spend as much time with them as possible. When your child is at the center of a child custody case, you might find the situation very difficult to deal with because you can't spend as much time as you want with your child.

Mediation for modification can help address child custody issues

Child support orders that have been in place for several years often need to be modified to reflect the child's maturing and development. Additionally, it is sometimes necessary to seek a modification of a child custody order to address serious issues that develop.

Consider these important points about child support modification

Child support orders are based on the circumstances that are present at the time of the order. There are some instances in which these circumstances will change over time. When circumstances change, a child support modification might be necessary.

Avoid undue stress: Plan for summer now

You are probably aware the planning for your summer vacation trip now can help you to avoid some of the last minute stress that comes with putting things off to the last second. When you have a child custody for one or more of your children, early planning can help you to work through any potential problems now so that you can enjoy your summer months.

What is a parenting agreement and how is it created?

When you are working on child custody mediation, there is a chance that you and your ex will be able to come to an agreement about this important matter. If this occurs, the information is put into a parenting agreement. It is crucial for you to understand what should be included in the agreement so that you can get it made to present to the court.

Plan now for summer to avoid a stressful rush later

We recently discussed the dangers of the child custody exchange and how you might be able to address those dangers. This is only one aspect of the child custody and visitation process that you have to think about. Other aspects include ensuring that your children have appropriate transportation and necessities as they go from house to house.

How should I handle the child custody exchange?

One of the most important points in your child custody arrangement spells out who is going to get the children when. Oftentimes, the terms for the exchange of the children is also spelled out. It might stipulate that you pick up the children from the other parent and that the other parent picks them up from you. It is imperative that you understand the exchange specifications for the child custody case so that you can ensure that you know what to expect.

Enjoy the holidays without custody battles around every corner

As the Christmas holiday approaches, children with divorced parents are either happy or worried. The children who are happy that the holiday is upon us likely have parents who have worked out a child custody agreement that means the season isn't going to be full of fights about where the child will be. The ones who are worried might have parents who are battling about when the child will spend time with each parent.

Mediation can prove useful in child custody cases

Child custody agreements are often difficult to negotiate. The parents of the child likely both want things to be set up the way they think is best, but that might not be possible. It is important for any parent who is going through a child custody matter understands some basic points about child custody mediation.

Your child custody agreement should let your child thrive

Over the past two blog posts, we have touched on some important points regarding child custody and child support. For the parents who are in the midst of trying to hash out these points, the situation is often very difficult and can be emotionally trying. If you are one of those parents, you should be sure that you understand what legal options and rights you have. We can help you to learn about how Florida law applies to your case.

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