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Remember: You can celebrate the holidays with your ex

You're trying to figure out how to split up your time with the kids during the holidays. As divorced parents, it's hard. Do you split up Christmas Day, putting a lot of travel time in the middle of what is supposed to be a relaxed, fun day? Do you give one person Christmas Eve and the other Christmas morning?

Joint custody does not stress kids out most, study claims

For years, there has been a prevailing thought that joint custody creates a lot of stress for children, which is why some people oppose it. In essence, because kids live at two homes and have to travel back and forth so much, people assume this elevates their stress levels and takes away the consistency that they need.

The difference between parental responsibility and time sharing

When officially ruling in child custody cases, Florida uses a pair of key terms: "Parental responsibility" and "time sharing." Though related, they are very different and it's important for parents to understand exactly what they mean.

Concerns children have about life after divorce

Divorce is often overwhelming for kids. The more information you can provide, the better. While it's natural to keep some things from them -- the reasons for your divorce may not really be fit for the kids -- it's important to focus on their concerns and answer their questions.

Make a flexible parenting plan that can adapt to your kids

When drafting a parenting plan and child custody agreement, you want to make sure you get time with your children. However, experts warn that you shouldn't make this all about you and your time. It should focus on the kids first -- not your own desires.

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