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There is no shame in accepting alimony from an ex-wife

Most men want the world to see them as strong protectors who can provide for their family's needs. In the not so distant past, a typical husband getting divorced would have found it distasteful to accept alimony and would never request it on his own. As we all know, times have changed and so have male and female incomes. More and more men are seeking alimony during divorce, and they are getting it, too.

A lawyer's perspective on waiving alimony in a prenup

Prenuptial agreements are valuable when it comes to protecting one's personal assets in a marriage. Couples can use this tool to identify and address financial matters that often complicate a divorce if your marriage ends. You can include items in a prenup such as:

Can alimony wage garnishments apply to Social Security?

You know that wages can be garnished to pay alimony. For instance, if your spouse was ordered to pay you $1,500 per month and fails to do so, that money can be taken from his or her paycheck and directed on to you. By working with employers, the government ensures that employees have to pay what they owe under current court orders. The same thing may be used for child support payments.

Alimony in today's world warrants careful consideration

In the past, it was almost a given that an ex-wife would receive an alimony award. Of course, this was during a time when most husbands held down secure employment while most wives tended to the home and cared for the children. In today's world, things have changed. Many women have acquired lucrative careers while many men have loosened their hold on the corporate world.

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