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October 2017 Archives

Concerns children have about life after divorce

Divorce is often overwhelming for kids. The more information you can provide, the better. While it's natural to keep some things from them -- the reasons for your divorce may not really be fit for the kids -- it's important to focus on their concerns and answer their questions.

Keep copies of conversations about a prenup

If you and your spouse used a prenuptial agreement and are now going to court to get divorced, experts do advise that you gather as much evidence as you can about the prenup itself. It may stand on its own, but this evidence can help if there are questions.

Make a flexible parenting plan that can adapt to your kids

When drafting a parenting plan and child custody agreement, you want to make sure you get time with your children. However, experts warn that you shouldn't make this all about you and your time. It should focus on the kids first -- not your own desires.

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