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July 2017 Archives

Child support payments are meant to support the children

Child support payments can't be thought of as payments to your child's other parent. Instead, they are actually payments to your child. The fact that they go through the other parent isn't important at all as long as they are supporting your child.

Failing to pay child support makes the children suffer

Parents who receive child support count on those payments to get the children the things they need. When the parent who is supposed to pay doesn't, the children can suffer. The parent who should receive the child support might end up working with authorities to try to get the other parent to pay.

Prepare for divorce when you know the marriage is ending

We recently discussed the criteria for a divorce in Florida. If you know that your marriage is over, this is only one of the considerations that you have to think about when you are ready to file. When you have the ability to do so, you should ensure that you take appropriate steps to protect your interests before the filing.

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