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January 2017 Archives

Know what considerations exist for a gray divorce

Divorces aren't something that are only limited to the younger generations. Older people, including senior citizens, also divorce frequently. People who are over 50 years old and divorce are said to go through a gray divorce. These divorces have specific considerations that you must think about if you are going through one.

Plan now for summer to avoid a stressful rush later

We recently discussed the dangers of the child custody exchange and how you might be able to address those dangers. This is only one aspect of the child custody and visitation process that you have to think about. Other aspects include ensuring that your children have appropriate transportation and necessities as they go from house to house.

How should I handle the child custody exchange?

One of the most important points in your child custody arrangement spells out who is going to get the children when. Oftentimes, the terms for the exchange of the children is also spelled out. It might stipulate that you pick up the children from the other parent and that the other parent picks them up from you. It is imperative that you understand the exchange specifications for the child custody case so that you can ensure that you know what to expect.

Know the points that matter when divorcing a military serviceman

Throughout your ex's military service, you supported him or her. The frequent moves and the uncertain schedules are only two of the things you have had to deal with. Now that you are going through a divorce, you might be thinking about how much your life is going to change now that you are getting a divorce.

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