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August 2016 Archives

Make sure your prenuptial agreement is legal and valid

Before you get married, you make a lot of plans. You think about the details of the wedding and you plan the honeymoon. One thing that you can't overlook is protecting your assets in case you get a divorce down the road. We know that thinking about a divorce before you even get married might not seem productive; however, this is one of those cases in which being uncomfortable for a few minutes can mean that you stave off disaster in the future.

Prenuptial agreements are important for several reasons

There are a lot of decisions that you will go through when you decide to get married. Deciding on the wedding venue, the wedding details and where you will live after the wedding are some of the considerations. There is another very important decision that you have to think about -- the prenuptial agreement.

What is the Unformed Services Former Spouse Protection Act?

If you are a going through a divorce that involves a member of the armed forces of the United States, you should be aware that there are some special considerations that will apply. One of these is the Uniformed Services Former Spouse Protection Act, which gives the former spouse some rights.

Deployment and divorce: Civilians should know their rights

Members of the military live a life that is filled with location changes and other challenges. When the military member is married, his or her family is along for the ride. While many military spouses are proud of the job their spouse is doing, there are instances in which the marriage simply doesn't survive a deployment. If you are a military spouse and have learned that your spouse wants to call it quits during a deployment, you should take steps to protect yourself in case the divorce does move forward when the service member returns.

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