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June 2016 Archives

Various factors can affect child custody and visitation

Child custody and visitation matters are very serious matters because they shape how the child in question will be raised. When it comes to awarding primary custody, there are many factors that the court might consider. Generally, the points that are considered are those that are going to affect the child's best interests. We know that you might have some questions or concerns about what the court will consider. We can help you to evaluate what factors will affect your child custody case.

Child custody and support are common issues in military divorces

Divorce is rarely simple, but when one or both parties are members of the armed forces, it can make creating determining child support and creating a plan for child custody even more difficult. In many cases, the traditional family law guidelines will still apply, but there may be circumstances that require both the courts and the parties involved to make some adjustments outside of the norm.

What happens when someone doesn't comply with a court order?

No matter what happens or what the particulars of your case were, a divorce always ends with at least one court order. You must comply with the terms of your court order exactly or you risk being in contempt and facing enforcement measures. Whether your ex isn't following the court order or you're the one facing contempt, it's important to understand how enforcement is handled.

What do you have to tell your ex about your summer vacation?

If you're planning a summer vacation with your children, you may have some questions about how much you need to let you ex know. In general, it's best to be as open as possible, with the understanding that this is the other parent of your children and he or she has the right to know where they are and what they are doing.

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