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February 2016 Archives

Make sure your prenuptial agreement meets state requirements

Anyone who is considering a marriage needs to look into a prenuptial agreement. Some people might think that they don't need a prenup because they don't have a fortune or a lot of assets. If you are thinking that way, you need to think again. Prenuptial agreements can do more than just protect what you have now. They can give you the foundation for what will happen if you get a divorce. For example, you can outline how future inheritances would be handled if you divorce.

Proposed changes to Florida alimony draw emotional testimony

A bill before Florida lawmakers that would eliminate permanent alimony is drawing strong debate and emotional testimony. Supporters of the bill argue that it will help bring some consistency to determinations of alimony by judges, which now can vary significantly.

How does divorce affect the Survivor Benefits Plan?

When you are going through a military divorce, there are several things that you have to consider that people going through civilian divorces don't have to consider. One of these is how you will handle the Survivor Benefits Plan for former spouses.

Custody bill calls for even split between mothers and fathers

A custody bill in Florida says that the split between mothers and fathers should be 50/50, or as close to it as possible. The man behind it, State Senator Tom Lee, says that the bill promotes a 21st century viewpoint in acknowledging that both parents are equally able to take care of the children.

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