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January 2016 Archives

Are you keeping your ex's last name after divorce?

For women, deciding whether to keep their ex-husband's last name after a divorce is difficult. In many instances, the woman has hyphenated her maiden name with her married name; however, it is becoming increasing popular for women to keep their maiden name after marriage.

Rights of a military ex-spouse to receive benefits in Florida

Getting a divorce when you are in the military and stationed in Florida can be tricky. There are residency requirements that say you have to have lived in Florida for six months in order to file. It can also affect your pension and benefits. The spouse of a military member has certain rights under the law. He or she has the right to receive a portion of the military member's pay upon retirement and the right to use the base or post exchange, commissary and certain medical benefits.

Keep your money and assets protected if you are getting married

Those who are considering marriage need to make sure that they are protecting their assets. It isn't really a happy thought to think that your marriage won't last; however, you shouldn't let that discomfort stop you from thinking about what you will have if you do end up getting divorced.

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