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October 2015 Archives

Complexities of a military divorce require familiarity with laws

Life in the military is hard for the service member and the family of the service member. In some cases, military service can lead to a level of stress that results in a divorce. A military divorce can present some unique challenges that can often require the help of someone who is familiar with military divorce. We understand that you might have questions about seeking a military divorce. We are here to help you get the answers you need so you can make plans to end your marriage.

Can play therapy help children of divorce?

A lot of time has been put into studying the best options for children whose parents are divorced. For example, many studies have found that children who still have two involved parents are usually better off than children with just one involved parent. Now, some reports are saying that something called "play therapy" can also be useful.

What are the tax implications for alimony?

According to the Internal Revenue Service, alimony is defined as a "payment to or for a spouse or former spouse under a divorce or separation agreement." This is important because it shows that in order to deduct or report alimony payments for tax purposes, it must be part of a legal court order and not something that was just agreed upon informally between the two parties.

GoPro provides video evidence of alleged domestic violence

A Florida soldier in the U.S. Army Rangers is making national news after he used a GoPro camera to provide authorities with video evidence that his wife had assaulted him during a custody exchange. The couple have two 2-year-old boys, and the incident reportedly occurred when the mother was at the father's house to pick up the children.

How did I get in arrears?

While there are some parents who refuse to pay their child support, there are also those who find themselves in arrears and facing legal action unknowingly. One way you can fall behind is if your child support obligation is taken out of your checks automatically and you change jobs.

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