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September 2015 Archives

Asset division for business owners and executives

Asset division can be a complicated part of any divorce process, but when the couple's assets include business income or other nontraditional forms of income, ensuring you understand your rights and options is even more important.

Officer shows up at Florida church service for custody issue

Child custody exchanges can seem like a battlefield full of hidden mines. Emotions run high, the children are often upset or have difficulty adjusting from one parent to the other, and it's not uncommon for even something as small as a parent being late to set off an altercation. However, in some more serious cases, a parent or other guardian, such as a grandparent, may refuse to return the child altogether, which can result in police intervention as the following example shows.

Living as strangers won't work after a divorce if you have kids

Going through a divorce is difficult. The tensions are high. The battle for property and children might have you and your ex wishing you never had to see each other again. If you have children, you shouldn't fall into that mode of thinking.

Military divorce and retirement benefits

Military divorces can be more complicated than those civilians have to deal with, and one reason for this is the difference in benefits. Spouses who were married to a service member for a long time may be eligible to get part of the military retirement benefits in the divorce settlement, but it can be confusing to understand what you qualify for and what documentation and paperwork you need.

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