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August 2015 Archives

Complicated incomes and child support

Child support can be one of the most divisive issues for couples going through divorce proceedings. There is often quite a gap between what each party considers fair, and it's likely that at least one person won't be satisfied with the court order. Child support is largely determined by the amount of the parents' combined incomes, making it essential that the courts get an accurate picture of both you and your ex's financial situations.

What you need to know about moving after divorce

If you're planning to move after your divorce, whether it's immediately after the final paperwork is signed or years down the road, it's important to understand what the Florida laws have to say about it. If your divorce involves children, you are subject to the guidelines governing what happens if a parent intends to move a child a significant distance away from his or her current address. This is true even if you have sole custody.

Why would my ex want to homeschool?

Traditionally reserved for those who wanted to stay away from society or who held deep religious beliefs, homeschooling is now becoming a mainstream education option. The U.S. Department of Education estimated that 1,508,000 children were being homeschool in 2007, which was a 74 percent increase from the 850,000 in 1999.

Divorce records sealed for famous couple

Getting a divorce when there are few assets can be simple. However, getting a high asset divorce, which is usually also in the media, can be excruciating, especially in Florida. Having all your court sessions reported in the daily news is not pleasant. However, the divorce records can be sealed.

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