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June 2015 Archives

Prenuptial agreements all have unique considerations

Prenuptial agreements are often considered a necessary evil for some people who are going to get married. People typically don't like having to bring up the need for a prenuptial agreement, but many people realize that a prenuptial agreement is one of the only ways to keep their assets protected. We know that this is a sensitive topic that must be addressed properly so it can strengthen the relationship instead of tearing it down.

What prenuptial agreement terms concern older couples?

Osceola couples sign financial contracts before marriage for multiple reasons. Generally, prenuptial agreements clarify the ownership of property and outline the division of property at the time of a divorce or a spouse's death.

The financial transition between marriage and divorce

A marital relationship often allows two people to share a single economic burden. The end of a Florida marriage changes the wealth structure. The financial balance is altered, frequently in a negative direction, whether couples have a moderate collective net worth or are involved in a high-asset divorce.

Who pays children’s college expenses after divorce?

Many Osceola, Florida, parents, married or divorced, feel a college education is mandatory for their children. The dream isn't always reality, particularly for children of divorced parents. A long-term study of students who entered college in 2003 found more than 45 percent of students with married parents obtained Bachelor's degrees by 2009, but only about 31 percent of students with divorced parents graduated.

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