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May 2015 Archives

Setting up the future with a divorce settlement

Some spouses enter negotiations at the end of a marriage as if they're in competition for the larger pile of marital assets. Short-term winning can feel good during a Florida high-asset divorce, but the rush to claim every available piece of property may be counterproductive for long-term financial security.

Comparison: Civilian and military divorces

If you're stationed in Florida, you may be aware ending a military marriage is different than divorcing as a civilian. However, you may not know what those differences are. State laws apply in both cases, but military divorces also must follow federal rules.

Avoiding custody issues when traveling with children

Co-parenting for Osceola County couples takes regular communication and cooperation. Those aren't the easiest tasks to accomplish after a divorce, especially when hard feelings about the marriage linger. Florida parents can have difficulties coming to and sticking with child custody agreements.

What factors influence a judge's child custody decision?

Family laws are concerned with the care of children when parents separate. Child custody and financial support are issues that can be worked out between spouses during a divorce. However, due to the emotional nature of the process, divorce can be a poor time for spouses to reach agreements on these or any other matters.

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